It’s for the kids.

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The last 4 years I taught full time. Like many educators, I was a teacher during the day and a single mother any other time.

So much that real-time with my students was constantly interrupted or pushed to the side.

I fought to make time to build relationships and a healthy class environment that would encompass the needs of all my students.

Then the never-ending lesson-planning to “their” standards and sometimes rigid framework.

Where’s the fun? I was creative and brought in world-centered discussion and activities the students could engage with.

After years of stress, long nights, and tears of inadequacy, I moved into healthcare.

Yet, I am also choosing to sub.

No stress. All teaching, support, and connection.

Before this, the truth was never told.

Here’s an article with details about becoming a teacher. Enjoy!


If you knew me, you’d know that anything that interrupts coffee time has to go. But not writing.

Photo by Cottonbro/Pexels

I am loving the opportunities to write in short form. Writing before my coffee is becoming the best part of my day. Most times I would focus on making morning coffee before grabbing my laptop or journal to begin writing before my coffee.

It was more about anxiety than needing…


The changes must be accepted in order to move forward.

Photo by Clarke Sanders/Unsplash

First, I believe that we put too much emphasis on friendships. Most of us have grown with friends who have been in our life and still are.

One thing we don’t take into consideration, sometimes those connections change. The hardest part could be the change of it all. …


My son loved his time learning while at home.

Photo by Kalz/Pexels

Since the first time students had to be fully remote, my son instantly thrived. As a then 4th grader, he was quite responsible and very particular about routines. That had been one of many great characteristics that lends him positive results.

Would he be able to handle remote learning successfully?

My wonder, not his. I had my doubts about…


A mom writing about all things family. Such joy! Would you like to support me as I write? A “Coffee” would be great.

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