There is a letter A lit with bulbs next to a few potted plants on a desk in a dimly lit room by a window, no curtain, night time.
There is a letter A lit with bulbs next to a few potted plants on a desk in a dimly lit room by a window, no curtain, night time.
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For many years, I was an open book to the teens that I have mentored; revealing my human side, allowing them to speak about any and every topic that crossed their inquisitive minds; giving life answers from my perspective that were true and often blunt at times. I always thought . So, why would I waver when expressing the same way to my children?

As I have been raising my two children single-handedly, I…

Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

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Before daybreak every morning I have this deep-down excitement to learn more about this platform. The best way to use it, how often I should be on here, the tricks and tools, and most definitely, the money that can be made. I even try to tell other mostly aspiring writers about such a great opportunity to publish their precious written pieces.

, before the hustle and bustle of my almost 11-year-old (he never lets me forget his age) preparing for the day which includes everything from personal hygiene, to watching cartoons online, cereal…

Dark room with one lit candle near an open book with a pen lying on the book diagnally.
Dark room with one lit candle near an open book with a pen lying on the book diagnally.
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As I sit here in the dark, with two candles burning and using the last of the juice on my laptop to talk through what the hell I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Well, this is out of our control, the building’s electricity is out. The ‘E’ company is outside figuring it out what seems like every quarter.

I hated being in a position I have no control over. Although it helped me think about all the things I should have done or would have done if I had known this “crisis” would have occurred, I still believe…

When we think back, some of us planned our children and some of us were (or not) so pleasantly surprised that there was a baby on the way. Once the news hits us, we plan, we dream, and prepare as much as we can about who our new baby will look like, what their unique name will be, what season he or she will be born, or if we will be buying pink or blue. Since there was a time not knowing the gender of the fetus ahead of time was the norm, it seems to be a major ask…

I will just go with it.

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I remember back in the day (when I was in my 20’s and 30’s), anywhere I went there would always be guys who would start casual conversations with me while I would be out in about. Every 2 or 3 would ask me out and we’d, for the most part, have a good time. No pressure, just enjoying the outing. Since then, I’ve kind of been working on me (but hiding from the possibility of entering a “waste of time” situation).

After marrying a bit young, doing that for a while, divorcing, raising kids…

An unexpected lesson from Christmas

Photo by Lucie Liz (Pexels)

The week before the big day, my son, like most 10-year-olds, is super excited about Christmas. He began December with subtle questions about how many days there were before the day and had I begun to think about the decorations for our apartment. I guess seeing that I had not started like I mentioned I would pull out the infamous celebratory red, green, gold, and silver right after Thanksgiving, gave him pause.

As the days passed, my son decided it best to write a Christmas toy list, and I encouraged it to be the bottom line person that I am…

Photo by Iiona Virgin (Unsplash)

How we are going to raise our kids is the second major decision we make as parents after we grapple over our hopes and dreams on which gender we’ve wanted since were born. Actually, some parents are paying big bucks to choose the gender of their baby.

For those who choose to have children, encompass so many aspirations for them—happiness, near the top. Unlike my spin on the saying, It’s actually the happiness of the kids which makes my world go ‘round. …

4 Truths: Writing Trumps Coffee

Photo by Brigitte Tohm (Pexels)

Now, coffee is one of the best things out there.

So, I think. My day doesn’t begin without it; my cabinet is never low on it. I can say that coffee gives me joy. I choose its taste and flavor as seriously as the tint of my lipstick and the hang of my blouse. Comfort. However, writing gives me life.

I wake thinking of what I can or should write next. Most writers have a list of topics they want to or could write about in their mind throughout the day. It gives me a…

I hope not, because I prayed for more time with my kids since they were born.

Photo by Kin Li (Unsplash)

The result of this work-from-home order has threatened the lives of many and saved the lives of others. It has brought some families to their worst nightmare as more than 300,000 lives have been taken due to Covid-19 so far and it is predicted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more will occur in 2021. Times of quarantine, across the nation, has been trying.

This change, one we have never seen before, has forced families to re-think, re-strategize, and re-focus how we move forward, behave, and care for ourselves and our families. Being forced to re-structure also has…

Trust, She is Saving Your Love Life

She Got a Man

She had the relationship everyone wanted. The kind you wait for all your life. He treated her like the queen she stated she was every day. Made sure she was happy, on her terms. Keeping money in her pocket, natural hair cared for and laid at the shop every two weeks. Picking her up and dropping her off to her destinations like the precious packages that sits daintily strapped near the front inside a new Amazon van, still freshly cleaned and padded with cushioned material. …


I am a lover of writing, parenting and education with a twist! It never matters unless you are having fun!

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