Newbies, it might even turn into your main hustle.

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Side hustles are not just buzz words; they can truly help move you along professionally and financially. If you put in the work, of course. How often do we hear the phrases “the grind” or “the side hustle”? In addition to that, how often do you get a question like, Why are you always on your computer? Are you kidding me? I stop responding at this point.

However, I would take precious time out of my day to explain why, I have side hustles; as if they don’t know, and then…

Figuring out why fatigue happens, is most important.

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The changes that occurred during the start and throughout the year of the pandemic were mind-blowing. Not only did I have anxiety about the unknown, but I also wasn’t able to process the infamous “stay at home” order without utter unbelief and a few tears.

As a parent, I was also concerned about my son and online learning as a 4th-grader, being inside most of the time and he slowed to no connection with peers and extended family.

What helped us get through this time, was that he enjoys being home and he thrived as an online student.

Within my…

It’s okay to let him know to shoot his shot.

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On a typical day at the grocery or retail store, I always end up chatting with another customer, sometimes women but usually a man. Not intentional, it just happens. I just have one of those personalities. It’s just conversation, a joke or two, you know, while we are there. Nothing more.

Now, if he is someone I would enjoy getting to know, I always wonder what’s best: being direct in some way that I am interested in knowing him better, should I just used non-verbals that will give him a hint (direct eye contact, smile, etc.) …

“The business takes care of the babies,” is no longer an acceptable excuse.

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Just as the hustle and bustle of business ownership can roar in and out like a lion protecting its cubs, so can time with our kids. Time appears, decreases and in some cases, in many instances, we have zero idea where it went.

We may ask ourselves, Did I send that package yesterday or Wednesday? Was that the client I expected to call back? Which job did I work last Monday?

(Sure, technology helps, because the mind has received such an overload that we no longer depend on it to remember even the smallest of details.) …

No more with this, “kids will be kids” excuse.

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As we grow, we are always tested through our experiences. Learning as an adolescent can be especially difficult. They’re no longer a little kid but still just in the early teen stage.

During this time of development, an array of emotions, self-image, conflicts of that “devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other” moments arise. Though we trust that the positive and cultural values that we instill in our children are vivid, we hope when they are required to make life’s vital decisions, they are able.

Don’t go too far with pointing the finger!

Oh, wait Mom and…

I’d rather they learn from me that not even “mommy” is perfect.

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For many years, I was an open book to the older teens that I have mentored; revealing my human side, allowing them to speak about any and every topic that crossed their inquisitive minds; giving life answers from my perspective that were true and often blunt at times.

I always thought These students aren’t connected biologically and after all, I am here to give my guidance and experience to the degree am which topics of my choice. So, why would I waver when expressing the same to my children?

Tough questions I needed to answer.

As I have been raising…

Why does this topic rub so many the wrong way?

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When most think of babies, it is always a joyous occasion. Couples are in awe of who they created and the wonderful opportunity to raise him or her to be a fantastic human. Although some are finding love and others are treading those waters alone as a single or co-parent.

Many in the latter group are not sure what that entity will bring for their financial stability and their ability to care for their child. So much needs to be understood about the effect this has.

When we think back, some of us planned our children and some of us…

Without being able to express my thoughts and feelings, I’m not sure how I would have remained sane.

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In the past, I’ve been unsure of myself as a mother, as a sibling, and a daughter. I have spent decades trying to figure out who I was or where I belonged.

I have always had friends but as I would take time to think things through, other than a handful of friends who I grew up with, others wouldn’t recognize my gift until after halfway getting to know me.

With this, I mean, some had to see if they wanted to befriend me. I found this to be true, at times, after being a part of friendships, so many…

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I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and in a two-parent home. I had one sibling, my older brother for 17 years, then my little brother came along.

I was a 70’s baby, just for context. We came from a Christian home, church every Sunday, including Sunday school and all the things that came along with that.

Raised to be kind

My mom and dad, both raised me to be kind to others, even when there were times when kindness wasn’t reciprocated. My mom has always been just the sweetest, still is. …

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I once read in an article that writers should make a promise to themselves not to check Medium stats for a year, just write daily. It only took a minute to decide. This considered, that I have tried to go a half day without checking, failing miserably.

It is one of those things like boredom and checking fridge hoping and almost confident that there will be more in there or even and goodie in there that you missed the last time. I wonder if I could take that same advice here.

Make a Plan

Decide when and what you’ll be…


I love writing about family, relationships, black culture, and anything side-hustling. Life is nothing if you don’t appreciate the journey.

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